Personal Learning Networks

Oh how helpful it is to be a part of Personal Learning Networks (PLN)!

These are PLN websites that I have been a member of for quite some time. I find the first four to be the most helpful for me in my classroom. They are definitely my “go-to-guys!” All of these have great tutorials and awesome innovative ideas. I have implemented many of the ideas they have posted in my classroom (6th grade technology applications) with great success.  Ditch that textbook is created by Matt Miller. Matt focuses on encouraging teachers to use technology in their lessons. He offers the free ebook titled 101 Ways to Ditch That Textbook when you subscribe to his mailing list.  I was introduced to friEDTECHnology during fall in service for our school district in 2016. Amy Mayer is the CEO and wow, they are superb! She has a team that will come to your school and give presentations and professional development. Their website is loaded with great information. There are instructional videos on her youtube channel, she is active on twitter and facebook. If you go to her Pinterest account, she has a lot of personal stuff, but she has one board titles TECHNO STUFF that has great ideas. A wealth of information is located on her blog. Is hosted by Richard Byrne. I have found that Richard really keeps up with the latest and greatest. When a new tool is developed, it seems as though he is the first to post about it! Tons of great info on Richard’s site!  I can’t say enough about Kasey Bell and her website and blog!  You want lots of ways to use technology, she is always posting free guides. This site is another I turn to often. I get excited when a new “Shake Up Learning” email pops up in my inbox!


The next four PLN sites are ones I also have been part of for awhile. I use them, too, but not as much as the top four on my post.  All things Google!  (Texas Computer Education Association) This PLN does cost $49 to join annually, but they do come up with good stuff. Plus you get the magazine titled Tech Edge.  Sorry, not much info here! I’ll have to dig deeper into this PLN. It does cost to join. This place is awesome! I go here for my digital citizenship lessons. Plus at CommonSenseMedia, there are great, informative movie reviews.


Here is the list of PLNs I have just joined, so check back later to read my reviews!

If you have a PLN that you highly recommend, share it with me in the comments!

Thanks in advance!

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