Innovation Plan Implementation Outline



The learners of today are not the learners of yesteryear. Every year more technology tools are created that offer vast experiences for students. The blended learning model can harness the opportunities available to educate today’s generation. Diversified instruction to create personal learning for each individual is attainable through blended learning. In order for the blended learning to be successful, certain conditions for success must be met.

  1. There must be a plan in place
    1. Devise a plan and submit to principal and superintendent
      1. Recruit fellow teachers to help write plan proposal
  2. Ample device to student ratio
    1. Junior High is already at a 1:1 Chromebook status
      1. Obtain some iPads or old cell phones to aid in video production
  3. Infrastructure (WiFi and Bandwidth) to accommodate devices
    1. An adequate infrastructure is already in place at the JH
  4. Technology skills
    1. Teachers and Administration
      1. Current instructional technologists can aid in staff tech training
      2. I will create (or locate) instructional videos that staff can view to introduce them to any tech skills they need to develop
      3. I can personally train staff during available times throughout the school year
    2. Students
      1. Currently tech skills training is administered in the 6th grade stand alone technology applications class. Proposal would be to phase out that class and complete student training during their content classes.
        1. Present arguments as to why phase out of tech app class would be advantageous to the campus
        2. Present arguments as to why tech training within content classes would be advantageous
      2. Blended learning models of tech training for students would be implemented
        1. Videos created by me, teachers and students
        2. Instructional videos found online
        3. Possibly introduce a badge system for independent tech learning opportunities
  5. Training
    1. Talk to staff about the advantages of blended learning
    2. I will create (or locate) instructional videos that staff can view to introduce them to blended learning
    3. Invite staff into my classroom to observe first hand blended learning in action
      1. Invite Region 12 Dig In group that focuses on blended learning to meet at my school and observe blended learning classes
  6. Convincing
    1. Present case studies to administration
    2. Start with a few teachers, get them on board, and help them create a few blended learning lessons
    3. Survey students that have completed blended learning lessons
    4. Present survey data to teachers and administration
  7. Timeline
    1. 2017-2018: Begin introducing blended learning to teachers. Invite them into my classroom to view it in action (I’ll need to vamp up the blended learning atmosphere to make it even more impressive than it is now!)
    2. 2018-2019: Phase out stand alone tech class and replace with training within content classes
      1. Try to get one entire grade level or one entire subject area on the blended learning wagon
    3. 2019-2020: All grade levels and all subject areas at the junior high will model blended learning in their classrooms
    4. 2020-2021: Share the JH blended learning success with primary, elementary, and high school
    5. 2021-2022: We will be the school district that all the other districts visit to see blended learning in action!


  1. Peer Review 1
    I really enjoyed reading your plan due to I am implementing blended learning as well. I think you have some really great points! I think inviting your region in is a really smart idea. I also love that you are setting this up with the intent of others coming to observe and wanting to help others implement this. I am planning on starting with one grade level as well. I think getting a grade level to work together is great because they can help one another and brainstorm together.

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  2. Peer Review 2
    Your creativity and style shows in you innovation plan. Having the confidence to create your own videos to present to faculty member and staff tells me that you are a person with grit and that is what it takes to get the job accomplished. Good luck with your implementation.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Peer review 3
    Your plan is well thought out and I like the division of individual stages as well as the timeline. Adding the dates of your timeline within the steps is the only suggestion. When I read that you wanted to phase out the 6th grade class and the tech training would be delivered by the content teachers, I was concern about how much time you allowed in the plan. (Change can be hard and it takes longer than usually planned). However, I saw the timeframe in the timeline section, and it seems well thought out. I’m excited to hear about your progress!

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