Focus on the Learning

Step one of my quest…become the blended learning cheerleader for my campus.

As I continue through my Digital Learning and Leading Master’s program quest, I am reminded to focus on the learning. Some may think this only refers to the student learning, but it includes teacher learning, too. What teaching methods will enhance the learning of today’s students and their teachers? Review of literature has shown that the blended learning style of instruction creates an environment better suited for 21st-century learners.

Blended learning has been a part of my teaching method for quite some time. There are many different types of blended learning. One of those is called a flipped classroom. That is the main style that one will see implemented in my classroom. Ever since I started flipping my classroom, the creativity and level of learning have skyrocketed. Videos are created and sent to the students through Google Classroom prior to our face-to-face class meeting. Since the students have viewed the instructional videos before coming to class, more time can be devoted to creating projects. One great component of blended learning and flipping a class is that the students that understood the video can dive right into the project. The students that didn’t quite get the instructions by watching the video can now be pulled together with me in a small group for more personalized instruction. Win-win for all!

As I mentioned, blended learning not only works for students, it works for teachers as well. I am so excited about the blended learning success I have seen in my class. I want to introduce and share the blended learning approach to teaching with my colleagues. What better way to do this than to practice what you preach? I plan to use a blended learning approach to guide my co-workers on their own path to create a blended learning class environment. The junior high campus is rich in technology. Every student has a Chromebook and every teacher has a laptop that goes home with them every day. The tools are in place to introduce digital content. Join me on my journey towards school-wide blended learning!

Step two of my quest….uphold the mission statement of my school district by pitching a plan to the administration that would embrace the widespread implementation of a blended learning environment at the junior high.

Step three of my quest…offer a possible timeline that outlines the junior high’s progression towards a campus that embraces blended learning.

Step four of my quest…be the campus everyone else wants to visit to see first hand how blended learning increases students’ chances for success!


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