BHAG and 3 Column Table

First it was a WIG (Wildly Important Goal), now it is a BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal). I wonder why these folks coining these terms are obsessed with hair? Regardless of the hair reference, I have come to discover how important setting goals is to…well…just about everything! If you look online, there are thousands of quotes about goals. My take on setting goals is that a goal will keep you focused throughout your journey.

I never realized how hard setting a proper goal could be until I began tackling this particular task. I’ll admit, I struggled. Alot. I became frustrated and angry. I felt helpless and at times even not so intelligent. I was ready to give up, then I remembered my goal. The goal is completing the Master of Digital Learning and Leading program. Having that goal kept me focused. I was able to look at the big picture. This assignment (although quite “painful”) was just a destination along my journey towards my ultimate goal. I think realizing this allowed me to step back and breathe and tackle this assignment from a different perspective. The dots were becoming connected for me!

For this assignment, we were to create a BHAG and plan a course or unit. To set the stage, we were to complete two worksheets that guided our path. The first was called the Learning Environment & Situational Factors to Consider. Click on its title to view the document. The second guide was called Questions for Formulating Significant Learning Goals. Again, click the title to view the document. After completing those worksheets, I created my BHAG and 3 Column Table for a unit to be taught either in a stand-alone technology class or as parts that could be taught within core classes. So, here it is….

updated BHAG 3 column chart
BHAG and 3 Column Table


The Course Outcomes planning process and 3 Column table impact my innovation plan by showcasing different ways blended learning could come into play during a lesson or unit. The 3 Column Table could easily be broken apart and distributed to the different core subject teachers as parts they could teach in their classes. I have touched on digital literacy and citizenship in my 6th-grade class already this year, but I am looking forward to diving into it deeper and sharing some lesson ideas with my colleagues.


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