My online course creation thoughts…so far!

I’m a little over halfway through this class (5318-Instructional Design in Online Learning) and I have come to a realization. I really enjoy taking and creating courses online! For the past few weeks, I have been working on creating an online course about digital citizenship. There is a LOT of work involved in online course creation! I do believe the finished product will be totally worth it. I am excited to “shift the responsibility of learning from teacher to learner”! (Alberta Education, 2015)

In 5318, we have revisited chunking and scaffolding. The course I am creating is an introductory course, so there isn’t a lot of scaffolding. However, I am chunking information. I plan on creating follow-up courses, so that is where the scaffolding will occur. Students will build upon their prior knowledge from the introductory course.

This course will be totally asynchronous. Junior high students have little control over their schedules. Asking a student to plan times for synchronous meetings would mean that the entire family would need to work around a student’s schedule. Most junior high kids already have a very busy schedule anyway.

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Bates, A. W. (2015). Teaching in a digital age: Guidelines for designing teaching and learning. Vancouver, BC: Tony Bates Associates, LTD.

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