Learning Quest


These are the classes that lead me to the M.Ed. in Digital Learning and Leading. They are the stepping stones of my quest.  Sometimes I will feel like bluebonnets, sometimes a cactus…

Throughout my first course, I was introduced to the growth mindset, the failing forward concept, and the COVA Model. Reflecting on my teaching career, there were times I incorporated all of these concepts into my teaching and learning. I didn’t use them enough, but that will change. I just didn’t know how these concepts were labeled. Now I do! Excited, curious, yearning, creative, and a little scared are all words that describe what I feel about my learning quest as I continue through the Digital Learning and Leading program.

I am learning to block out my fixed mindset and let my growth mindset take over. The path to a growth mindset is carved by using the COVA Model. The DLL program is authentic learning. I feel as though I am going through changes that I hope my students will undergo in my classroom. Failing forward is a good thing. Before this class if I failed at something, sometimes I just quit. I am learning to embrace failures and learn from them. One of my favorite quotes that will stick with me is from a TedTalk video by Seth Godin.

“If you care enough about your work to be willing to be criticized for it then you have done a good day’s work.”  (Godin 2012)



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