EDLD 5318

I’ve had a bit of a break, but glad to jump back in! I am currently enrolled in EDLD 5318-Instructional Design in Online Learning. For this class, we are designing a 100% online course. I actually find this quite exciting. My current classroom is a prime example of blended learning, so the 100% online course is just the next rung on the ladder. I’m certain once I have the course completed and my first set of students embark on the online journey, I will be making many changes to the course. I base this prediction on the fact that I have changed what my online course looked like four or five times before I even added a lesson!

I do find that designing an online course is extremely time consuming. I would love for this to be my only job. I feel as though given the time I could create some amazing online courses. I’m just struggling now because my life is so busy (as is everyone else’s!).

Time to get back to course design!

The course I am designing is Digital Citizenship. Here is the outline I have come up with.

Online Course Design for EDLD 5318

My online course creation thoughts…so far!

Instructional Technology Coach-oh yes!

EDLD 5318 End of Course Reflection