Master of Education Coursework

Recap of my DLL journey

Synthesis of my journey
through the
Master of Education in Digital Learning and Leading program from Lamar University

EDLD 5302 Concepts of Educational Technology
This was the first course in the series. Students were introduced to the growth mindset way of thinking. We created a Learning Manifesto and began building an eportfolio.

EDLD 5303 Applying Educational Technology Portfolio
In this course, we were given the much-needed time to fine tune our eportfolios. I was able to experiment with different themes and how I wanted to set up my site. My eportfolio has proven to be one of my greatest accomplishments.

EDLD 5304 Leading Organizational Change
This course was packed full of great information. I struggled a bit with this one, mainly because most of the concepts were new to me. We learned about self-differentiated leadership and the change process. I created an influencer strategy and discovered my “why.” I also was reminded who my actual audience was. I needed to remember that these assignments were for me. I strayed a bit from my actual audience when creating my 4DX strategy and my wildly important goal (WIG).

EDLD 5305 Disruptive Innovation in Education
Oh first literature review. I’ve linked to it not because it is good, but so you can see an example of one of my less than stellar performances. This first lit review was tough for me. APA formatting was daunting. I could only get better from here!

This is the class where I created my original innovation plan. The plan would be the basis for the rest of the coursework. I still believe my plan has merit. Then I created an implementation plan outline. Unfortunately, not much of this worked out for me.  Lastly, I was able to connect and communicate my ideas.

EDLD 5313 Creating Significant Learning Environments
Here I reviewed the growth mindset but this time creating significant learning environments was added to the picture. This is when I think I really began to see the big picture of how all of these courses were related. I referred to air, water, and technology as a new culture of learning.  I discovered I was a constructivist learner when we explored our learning philosophies. I had a hard time creating a three column table, but I am proud to announce I made myself create more and I actually got pretty good at the process! We then explored more backward designs with the UbD model. This one was easier for me than the three column table.

EDLD 5314 Digital Learning in Local and Global Contexts
Since blended learning and technology coaching are both parts of my innovation plan, I created a video to convince others how powerful a blended learning environment is when creating significant learning environments. I enjoyed creating the video. Then, another literature review. I won’t say much about that. Back to the original innovation plan. In this class, we were asked to update our original plans. This was good because I learned a few things I wanted to include in my updated innovation plan.

EDLD 5315 Assessing Digital Learning and Instruction
This course was a little out of my comfort zone at first. It was about action research. I sort of felt overwhelmed with everything put before me. I’m more of an artsy person and less of a scientific type. The thought of conducting research sort of scared me. After all was said and done, action research is not that bad! In fact, it’s a good thing. I created my first action research outline. Just I was getting comfortable, it was time for another literature review. When would the torture end! Guess what-NOW! This was the final literature review I needed to write for the DLL program! WooHoo! The sad thing is, I finally did a good job! It took three lit reviews for me to get it right. Finally, I created my final action research plan. It turned out I enjoyed this course more than expected.

EDLD 5316 Digital Citizenship
Besides the capstone course, the digital citizenship course was my most anticipated one. I love digital citizenship. It is such an important part of the technology age. I was ready. Unfortunately, this course was the most disappointing. Not because of the instructor but because of how the content was presented. This course was designed as if it was meant to fulfill my original graduate school expectations. It was nothing like I had hoped for. Especially since every course throughout this journey embraced the COVA method, but not the digital citizenship course.

I will be brutally honest, I did not learn much in this course. The content was everything I teach to my sixth graders but presented in a much more boring way. If this course was the first one in the program, I may not have continued. I was able to salvage part of this course, I created a WebQuest for my final assignment. I used the WebQuest in my classroom this year. Here are my reflections throughout the digital citizenship course. I did enjoy creating my mantra for digital citizenship. I think I will have it made into a big poster for my classroom.

EDLD 5317 Resources for Digital Environments
This course pushed me to accomplish something I never even dreamed of! I wrote an article for publication and it was accepted! I can’t link to the article because it just went to press a couple of days ago. However, look for it in the November 2018 issue of TechEdge magazine! Even though I can’t link to the article, here is my “commercial” for the article!

EDLD 5318 Instructional Design in Online Learning
This course introduced me to online instructional design. I created an entire course about digital citizenship. Schoology was my LMS of choice. I haven’t used the course with my students this year, but I did use in my classes last school year. As always, when the course was put into use, the students discovered a few bugs. I need to fix the issues before I use it with this year’s classes. Overall this was a good class, but the delivery was a little dry.

EDLD 5388 Special Topics-Technology
One of my absolute favorites! I had no idea I would enjoy this course so much. The topic was professional development (professional learning is a better description). This course reinforced every aspect of my innovation plan. Every single reading, video, discussion solidified the research behind my innovation plan. Now if I could just get the decision makers at my school to take this course…..My favorite part of this course was creating my call to action video, I had a great time with this!

EDLD 5320 Synthesis of Digital Learning and Leadership CAPSTONE!
Here I am. Whether this is the end, or a new beginning, time will tell. The past eighteen months have been a wild ride with ups, downs, and a lot of hard work. My house hasn’t been thoroughly cleaned since June 2017, I haven’t spent a weekend shopping, I haven’t ventured out of a fifty-mile radius from my home. There is no internet at my house, so the majority of assignments were completed at the junior high where I teach. Students seriously asked me if I lived at the school since my vehicle was parked out front into the evenings on weekdays and nearly every weekend. I can breathe a huge sigh of relief because I have completed my Master of Education, but my next breath will be the oxygen that fuels my next goal!


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