About Me

Kris and therapy dog Blake Shelter

I am Kris Bumsted. Since 2002, Texas has been my home. I teach technology applications at the junior high school in McGregor, Texas. The yearbook and Student Council are also part of my daily teacher life. I am a Google Certified Educator Level 1. It’s safe to say that if there is a technology issue or question on the junior high campus, I’m usually the first link on the chain that co-workers turn to. That’s a good feeling.

Outside of school, I am a photographer and dog lover (well, animal lover in general, but rescuing dogs is my passion). Often the photos I take of dogs help get them adopted. I foster dogs, too. That’s a good feeling.

Currently, I am working on achieving a Master’s of Education through Lamar University. My degree will be in Digital Learning and Leading. I am beyond excited about the journey. Already there have been so many things I have learned. That’s a good feeling.

Earning a Master’s degree will open many doors for me. I enjoy teaching kids, but I feel as though I may have a different calling. I think I could reach more kids if I taught the teachers! My quest is to use this learning journey to change the direction of my career. I would be a great technology coach, a mentor, or maybe even a college professor! That’s a good feeling.

Part of who I am is how I learn. Take a look at my Learning Manifesto.