EDLD 5305

The title of this course is Disruptive Innovation in Technology. Don’t let the word “disruptive” be confusing! For the purposes of this course, “disruptive” is not negative, as in a “disruptive” student. The cell phone was a disruptive innovation to the old-fashioned landlines. Disruptive innovation, as it relates to education, is a tool or service that becomes common because it is made readily available and easy to access. For instance, technology. In the past, only wealthy school districts could afford to supply their students with the latest technology gadgets that would enhance their instruction. Now, almost every kid in school has access to a smartphone or similar type device that can enhance or replace the “old-fashioned” way of lesson delivery.  This disruptive innovation is so important because of the doors that open in a learning journey. So much more information can be accessed and experiences become vaster. It is much easier to personalize the way information is presented to learners.